Volunteers and Judges


Be a Science Fair Volunteer!  The Mount Washington Valley Regional Science & Technology Fair exists in part due to the generous time given by many volunteers. Besides judging exhibits, we need volunteers to greet participating youth and visitors, set up and break down exhibits and other important tasks throughout the day plus tasks that need to be completed in advance.

If you would like to Judge or Volunteer please click here and we will contact you:


Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated!  There are many roles that are needed to help make this event happen.



Exhibit Judges

What:  This is our biggest role, we need over 100 judges to help judge participant exhibits. We need judges who:

• Want to help youth expand their horizons

• Have a working understanding of general science or knowledge in specialty areas for judging some of our High School exhibits

• Can focus on the task of fairly judging exhibits in a timely and consistent manner

When:  Available times (You can sign up for as many 90 minute waves as you like):

Wave 1: 9:45-10:45 (Middle School)

Wave 2: 10:45-11:45 (Middle School)


Other Volunteers Needed

     Set Up Crew

What:  Helps set up tables and exhibits

When:  Day of the fair – 8:00 am at the Hampshire Room  Red Jacket Resort

     Break Down Crew

What: Help break down table and exhibits

When: Day of event – 1:00 pm


What: Greet and orient exhibitors, 5th & 6th gr passport students, and guests

When: 2 hour shifts throughout the day of the fair from 8:30am – 12:00 pm


If you would like to volunteer at the Science Fair please contact Claes Thelemarck at UNH Cooperative Extension at 447-3834 or Claes.Thelemarck@unh.edu.