DSC_0281Where can you see robots fly, cannons shoot, and magnets power and drive a vehicle?  What about how bacteria grow, or how bodies work, or what the best household cleaner might be to clean your stubborn stains?  Come to the Mount Washington Valley’s Premier youth Science Event on Thursday, May 28th for the 13th Annual Mt Washington Valley Regional Science y Fair. This year’s event offers Mount Washington Valley students in grades 7 through 12 (and their mentor teachers) a chance to win $2,200 in cash prizes.  Watch our homegrown scientists compete and see amazing projects exploring food and agriculture, biology, genetics, physical science, robotics, and many more hot topics.

The original aim of our collaborative “design team” was to create an event to inspire young people to explore, experiment and innovate using science and technology. This event has grown by leaps and bounds over the years, inspiring student scientists to share their knowledge about science and the future. Over 3000 students from the valley have been involved in the Science Fair over the past 13 years. The uncertain circumstances of our economy and environment cry out for young minds to begin to find better solutions for a sustainable future. Please help us continue this enduring partnership to help make a difference in our community and support the unique and developing minds of young people in the valley.